IT Architecture & Sourcing

Increase the performance and efficiency of your IT by aligning it with business needs

Maximize the benefits of strategic investments in your business model

The Strategic Service Consulting approach helps companies answer the following questions:

  • How should my IT be aligned, taking into account the corporate strategy, the requirements of the specialist departments and the existing IT landscape?
  • Which IT architecture best reflects these requirements, taking into account standardization or best-of-breed approaches?
  • Which operating scenarios (degree of outsourcing) make sense for my IT architecture when commercial, IT and strategic aspects are taken into account?
  • How should measures to achieve the target architecture be prioritized and planned in a roadmap?

Strategic IT Projects

Strategic Service Consulting supports companies in aligning their IT architecture with the actual requirements of the business. The focus is on optimizing and not maximizing IT support; the value contribution of IT must be demonstrable from a business perspective.

An IT architecture that suits your company in just a few steps

As an IT strategy cannot be developed in isolation from the corporate strategy, the starting point of our approach is the defined corporate strategy. If this is not available, suitable assumptions are made.

In the next step, an IT map is created in which the existing IT systems are classified. This is fundamental, as in most cases a greenfield definition does not lead to feasible results. To ensure that the IT map covers the actual needs of the specialist departments, a special focus is placed on alignment with the business.

In the following steps, the specific IT requirements are defined and transferred into a target architecture. The IT target architecture determines both the IT on a functional level and, where possible, specific applications.

In the final step, an implementation roadmap is defined, taking into account priorities that are determined in a heat map. This ensures that we define how the IT target architecture can actually be implemented.

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