How do I ensure I stay competitive in the age of digital transformation?

SSC clarifies the following questions on digitalization

  • What does digitalization mean for my company and my industry?
  • What does a digitalization strategy look like that we can realistically implement and that does not overburden my company?
  • Which digital technologies and solutions will support me in digitalizing externally (e.g. integrating the customer into the value chain) and internally (e.g. (robotic) process automation, AI, use of big data)?
  • How does my organizational structure and process organization (in IT) need to change so that I can implement my digital strategy?

Harness the possibilities offered by digitalization

Together, we define your digital vision and your digital strategy along the following dimensions:

  • Governance
  • Service portfolio
  • Digital and IT capabilities

As our starting point, we take your company's strategy and the evolutionary and revolutionary potential of digital technologies for your industry or business sector.


To facilitate the prompt implementation of your digital strategy, we develop a practical and easily executable roadmap for specific digitalization initiatives in the next phase.

Rest assured, we won't just leave you on your own; we provide operational support for both overarching efforts and specific initiatives. Illustrative projects in this regard include:

  • Establishing digital governance including the definition of relevant organizational units, processes and requirement profiles as well as the development and implementation of recruiting strategies
  • Aligning your IT architecture and organization with the digital strategy (see also IT architecture & sourcing), e.g. setting up two-speed IT
  • Automation of individual processes through to "zero touch" (see also Operational Excellence)

As part of Serviceware SE, SSC has extensive knowledge in addition to its strategic management consulting expertise. We not only have detailed knowledge of a wide range of digital solutions, but also the ability to implement them efficiently and with the greatest possible benefit for your company.

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