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Strategically planned and proactive

Consulting services focused on delivering tangible value to enhance your business processes.

Theory and practice

Consistently assessing strategic alignment, goals, and processes, and proactively driving change rather than merely reacting to it, poses a challenge that every company must confront amidst global competition. Many managers have already recognized this and invested in external support. Only to be confronted shortly afterwards with the additional task of having to put a theoretical package of measures into practice. Not infrequently with moderate success and without measurable added value for the company.

Strategy with guaranteed implementation

The reason for this lies in the missing link between thinking and acting, the separation of strategy and implementation. Most strategy and management consultancies, experts in strategic analysis at business process level, lack an understanding of operational feasibility, while traditional IT consultancies lack the necessary strategic vision. Successful change requires a central hub between business and IT, which compares the strategic requirements with the technical and economic realities and breaks them down into realistic project planning.

This is where Strategic Service Consulting comes in with its holistic philosophy. We see ourselves as management consultants as well as IT consultants. Experienced implementation experts are involved in strategic projects at an early stage in order to ensure that the results can be put into practice later on. This means that we always think in an action-oriented way and then act in a well thought-out manner. We are happy to support you in the realization of integrated solutions and thus close the gap between thinking and acting.

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